7 facts about Maine Coons that breeders prefer to keep quiet about

Maine coons are a breed of large and intelligent cats that has become particularly popular with breeders in recent years. These graceful owners of long and beautiful hair are very affectionate, playful, easy to learn and get along well with people. However, as with any breed, Maine coons have their own characteristics regarding character, health, temperament, and behavior. Some of them will be described later.

7 facts about Maine Coons that breeders prefer to keep quiet about

There are specific diseases

Maine coons are considered to be cats, which have strong immune systems and rarely get sick. On average, they live about 12 years. However, representatives of this breed have a predisposition to certain hereditary diseases. Some of them occur in kittens, others develop at a more Mature age. Such diseases are:

  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which causes heart failure and early death of the animal;
  • spinal muscular atrophy, which occurs as a result of violations in the Central nervous system and is manifested in the kitten by weakness of the muscles of the hind legs, in which it drags them, with difficulty jumps and walks;
  • hip dysplasia, which is manifested in aging cats by walking disorders, lameness, and pain when moving.

They don't like being picked up and squeezed

Maine coons are considered sociable and calm cats that love children and Pets. They are excellent unobtrusive companions. However, you should not expect that this cat will always sit on the owner's lap. She prefers to watch from the sidelines. Maine coons don't like it when people pay too much attention to them, caress them, or pick them up. Animals are allowed to do it only when they want it. Otherwise, they become aggressive, capable of biting or scratching a person.

7 facts about Maine Coons that breeders prefer to keep quiet about

They are eternal kittens

This breed of cat Matures late and grows up to 3-5 years. At the same time, her playfulness and cheerful disposition persists until old age. Maine Coon cats love to conquer heights. Therefore, breeders gradually remove items that are dear to their heart, first from the table, then from the chest of drawers, and finally from the highest shelves and surfaces.

They can be very loud

This breed of cat can make bizarre sounds when communicating with its owner. Some breeders note that their pet has a very thin voice that does not match the size of a giant. However, do not think that the house will be quiet with the appearance of such a pet. Maine Coon has a strong character. Therefore, it is able to loudly declare itself when the need arises.

7 facts about Maine Coons that breeders prefer to keep quiet about

They like to play with water

Maine coons have a special attitude to water. They like to play with water, for example, located in a drinking bowl. Often cats are so fond of this activity that they turn the container over, filling everything around. Experts of the breed say that this quality was inherited from their ancestors, who accompanied people on ships for a long time in sea voyages. Another version of the origin of this trait is the habit of wild Maine Coon ancestors to clean the water source of twigs and leaves before drinking.

They don't like being alone

Representatives of this breed are similar to dogs. They are very loyal and well trained. When a Maine Coon finds itself in a family, it chooses a master among all of them, to whom it remains faithful until death. He accompanies him to the toilet, shower, and looks after him when he is sleeping or doing something. To stay alone with the owner of such a cat will not work, since the person will always be in the field of view of the pet. If the Maine Coon stays at home alone even for a short time, it will be very sad, and when meeting with the owner to show violent emotions.

7 facts about Maine Coons that breeders prefer to keep quiet about

Very fastidious

Maine coons are born clean. They can spend a lot of time taking care of themselves. These cats are carefully licked after visiting the toilet, to the cleanliness of which they make high demands. If they don't like the smell of the filler or think the tray isn't washed enough, they will walk by. Another feature of the breed is the love of picking up furniture and other household items. The pet will not be satisfied with the scratching post offered by the owner. The only way to save property from its sharp claws is to regularly trim them.

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