10 amazing secrets that cats hide from their owners

We love cats very much because they are so cute, warm and fluffy. But cats are not as simple as they seem at first glance. Today we will talk about what amazing secrets Pets keep, and we do not know

10 amazing secrets that cats hide from their owners

1. Only domestic cats can hold their tail with a pipe

In wild cats, the tail either hangs low above the ground or is slightly raised above the body. There is no exact explanation for why this is so, but it is believed that wild cats do not want to stand out during hunting, so keep the tail low.

After all, if, say, a tiger holds its tail with a pipe, it will be visible from afar and will not be invisible.

2. Cats are smarter than dogs

Despite popular belief, research has shown that cats are faster at solving complex cognitive tasks. Only unlike dogs that perform commands to please the owner. Cats solve only those tasks that they are really interested in.

For the same reason, cats are more difficult to train, they need good motivation.

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3. Cats don't need vitamin C

In their body, this vitamin is produced independently, its level is always normal, so cats do not need to fill it from fruits or vegetables.

10 amazing secrets that cats hide from their owners

4. Cats don't taste sweet

Due to a mutation of the T1R2 gene, cats are not able to taste sweet. The mutation occurred because animals eat mostly meat in nature.

However, many owners claim that Pets like ice cream, cakes or cakes. This is not because of the sweetness of the desserts, but because of the pleasant creamy taste that cats feel.

5. Cats walk with their left foot

By the way, there are only 3 animals in the world that walk like this: cats, giraffes and camels.

6. Cats sweat through their paws

It turns out that the sweat glands in our Pets are located only on the pads of the paws, cheeks and lips, so it seems to us that they do not sweat at all.

7. Instant mobilization

Cats are the only animals that instantly go from deep sleep to a state of full combat readiness. Since during sleep, the cat's brain works by analyzing sounds and smells. If necessary, they are instantly ready to attack.

10 amazing secrets that cats hide from their owners

8. Cats are not mentioned in the Bible

These are the only animals that aren't there. For this reason there are many legends, and the cat people are still arguing.

Some say it mentions big cats, such as a lion. Others say that they decided not to mention them in the Scripture intentionally, because of the cat cults in some countries, for example, in Egypt.

9. The purr has the power to heal

The frequency of the cat's purring sound is in the range of 20 to 50 Hz, this frequency contributes to the growth and healing of bones. This way cats treat not only themselves, but also their owners.

10. Approximately 2/3 of a cat's life is spent on sleep

Sometimes it seems that another 1/3 of cats spend on self-care, at least my home cats for sure. That's why cats are so beautiful and able to charm, even the most severe person.