How to make a hand antiseptic that works exactly

How to make a hand antiseptic that works exactly

Home sanitizer for these simple recipes is no less effective than a store-bought one.

What should be the composition of an antiseptic for hands

For an antiseptic to be useful, it must contain at least 60% alcohol. Only in such a concentration of the alcohol can destroy the lipid (fat) membrane of viruses that they are attached to the cells.

Vodka and other spirits are not suitable for this purpose: the concentration of alcohol in them is not so high. It got to the point of ridiculousness: one of the major vodka producers already had to apply. customers are urged not to use the product for disinfection.

Only technical or medical alcohols that are unsuitable for ingestion have the desired concentration. You can buy them, as a rule, in pharmacies or stores of technical and industrial goods.

For the regular treatment of hands, you can not use alcohol by itself.

It destroys not only the virus shells, but also the fat layer on the skin. This leads to excessive dryness, irritation, itching, and microcracks, where infection can later penetrate.

In order for the hand antiseptic to be not only effective but also safe, it must combine alcohol of the necessary concentration and additives that moisturize and protect the skin (for example, aloe gel and glycerine).

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What tools will you need

Before you start cooking, make sure that you have the necessary tools:

1. A clean mixing container — such as a low Cup or bowl.

2. A teaspoon or wooden spatula.

3. Storage container. This can be a 0.25–0.5 l glass jar with a lid.

4. An empty plastic bottle with a dispenser or sprayer (for example, from under a store sanitizer). You will need this item to carry prepared hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket.

How to make a hand antiseptic according to a "WHO" prescription

How to make a hand antiseptic that works exactly

The version of the sanitizer proposed by experts of the world health organization, liquid, so it is most convenient to use it as a spray. It can also be used to wet cotton pads: this way you will get an analog of antiseptic wipes, which are great for wiping door handles, keys and other small things.

What you need

1. 100 ml of isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 99% or higher, or ethanol (medical alcohol) with a concentration of 96%. Unfortunately, in the Russian Federation, the latter is only available by prescription.

2. 5 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide does not kill viruses, but it fights bacterial spores that can contaminate the solution.

3. 2 ml of 98% glycerine.

4. 10-15 ml of chilled boiled water.

How to prepare an antiseptic

Carefully mix the ingredients in a prepared Cup or bowl. You should get a homogeneous liquid. Pour it into a spray bottle. It is advisable to infuse the solution for three days so that it is sure to get rid of spores of microorganisms that may be in alcohol or a re-used bottle.

You can add 2-3 drops of any essential oil or lemon juice to the mixture — if desired. It won't ruin the sanitizer, but it will smell nicer. However, be careful: who reminds that in some people, flavorings can cause an allergic reaction.

How to make an antiseptic for hands with aloe gel according to a virologist's prescription

How to make a hand antiseptic that works exactly

This recipe is offered by the authoritative medical publication Healthline.

What you need

1. 100 ml of isopropyl alcohol with a concentration of 99% or higher, or medical alcohol with a concentration of 96% (if you can buy it).

2. 50 ml of cosmetic aloe gel (the concentration of aloe juice is not important).

3. 3-5 drops of flavor. This role is suitable for your favorite essential oil or lemon juice.

4. 3-4 drops of 98% glycerol-optional.

How to prepare an antiseptic

Mix all the ingredients in the prepared container. You should get a homogeneous viscous liquid. For density, you can add 3-4 drops of glycerol. But no more, otherwise the product risks becoming sticky. Pour the liquid into the prepared bottle with a dispenser.

How to use hand antiseptic correctly

In order for the antiseptic to destroy the maximum of viruses and microbes on your palms, it must be applied according to the rules. Here they are.

  • Squeeze out a few drops of sanitizer or make a few puffs of spray on the palm of one hand.
  • RUB your palms and fingers thoroughly. Make sure that the antiseptic covers every millimeter of your brushes.
  • Continue to RUB your hands until they are dry. This usually takes 30-60 seconds.

Please note: the sanitizer will not work if your hands are too dirty or greasy. Nothing more effective than washing in warm water with soap science for such cases, alas, did not come up with.