How to choose the right persimmon

How to choose the right persimmon

Orange fruit lanterns and attract attention, contrasting with the black and white weekdays of early December. Korolek, chocolate maker, Sharon, honey – how to choose juicy, sweet and "non-astringent" persimmon among all this variety, the chef of the Georgian restaurant David Marzhani said in an interview.

- David, what do you personally associate with persimmon, why do you love it and how is it useful?

David Marjani: in Late autumn, the weather is not so Sunny, the sea is cold, but I still love this period - just at this time, all the most delicious fruits ripen: persimmons, pomegranates, tangerines, kiwis – everything that is now on the shelves.

Even in the center of Tbilisi, you can find bare persimmon trees without leaves, but completely covered with fruit. It looks very impressive, and no one is watching it, everything grows by itself-take it and help yourself. As a child, I heard somewhere that persimmon is in Greek "divine fire", which is what it is associated with.

I grew up in Imereti, where persimmons are eaten to prevent colds – it has a lot of vitamins and trace elements that save you from beriberi, allergies and iodine deficiency. They say that persimmon is also useful for diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

How to choose the right persimmon

– Are there many varieties? And in which countries does the persimmon that gets on our shelves grow?

DM: Yes, there are a lot of varieties of persimmon: korolek, chocolate, Apple (or Sharon), Eastern and others. In Georgia, almost every yard grows persimmon – basically, it is our usual honey or Kingfisher. And both varieties grow on the same tree. Whether it turns out to be a Kingfisher or a honey one depends on the yield of the year. There are also varieties of persimmon in Georgia that are not found anywhere else in the world: for example, a small, sugary sweet variety of persimmon the size of a walnut – "candle"! The persimmon that gets on our shelves mainly comes from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Spain and Israel.

– How to choose the right persimmon?

DM: it is not so difficult to Identify sweet and tasty persimmons in the store – just pick them up and evaluate their density. A hard persimmon will almost always knit your mouth. But, for example, a Spanish persimmon or Kingfisher, on the contrary, can be nibbled like an Apple, and it will still be sweet.

If you still did not guess the choice of persimmon in the store, then do not worry, all is not lost. Put it in the freezer for a few hours and then defrost it. It will become sweet. This is my Express life hack.

– What dishes use persimmons? What products does it work best with?

DM: in Georgia, persimmon is considered a dessert, and on the tables you can find it fresh or dried. Georgian Housewives make tinctures and chacha from persimmons. In dishes, persimmon is perfectly combined with cheeses (in Georgia, they are abundant). In hot dishes, persimmon is usually not used, but in appetizers and salads-very even. Here's my favorite recipe.

Persimmon and avocado salad with ginger dressing


Spinach leaves-40 g
Avocado – 60 g
Suluguni cheese (can be smoked) – 10 g
Persimmon – 2 pieces of medium size
Ginger dressing – 20 g

For ginger dressing:

Orange – 3 g
Ginger root-5 g
Olive oil-50 g
Honey-15 g
Chili pepper-to taste
Mix of five peppers – to taste
Lemon fresh – 15 g
Minced garlic-2 g

How to cook:

Wash the spinach leaves thoroughly, dry them, and put them on a plate. Cut the avocado and persimmon into slices and place on the spinach. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce, pour the ginger dressing over the salad and sprinkle on top of the grated Suluguni cheese. That's it! Easy, delicious and healthy salad with persimmons is ready! Bon Appetit!

How to choose the right persimmon

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