How to stay up all night if you really need to

How to stay up all night if you really need to

Discomfort, coffee with chocolate and trolling will help you stay awake until morning.

1. Avoid rituals associated with sleep

Preparations for bed usually include a certain sequence of actions: put on your pajamas, drink milk, read a book. For normal days this is an advantage: the body immediately understands that now you will go to bed. If you need to stay awake, these habits are best avoided.

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2. Don't overeat

A little hunger will keep you awake since you are supposed to be active to get food.

3. Choose the right clothes

Do not change into pajamas, even if they are very comfortable. Wear something that you can't sleep in, such as new, unworn jeans. Another assistant will be shod with laces. It will not give you the opportunity to "just lie down for five minutes." Unless you're used to falling asleep in your shoes every Friday.

4. Avoid sofas and beds

If you really want to sleep, you will fall asleep even on a hard chair with nails sticking out of it in some places. A soft bed will not leave you any chance to last until morning. Therefore, choose not the most comfortable seats.

5. Make the light brighter

Studies have shown that bright light suppresses sleepiness. Turn on the overhead light, wall lamp, and table lamp. It is impossible to overdo this issue. However, at parties, you should not turn this trick: other night club visitors may be dissatisfied with the suddenly switched on lights.

6. Find out who is wrong on the Internet

Find a person with a questionable position on Facebook and try to change their mind. You can sincerely argue or openly Troll, but the effect will be the same: you will not fall asleep from indignation-you will not be able to sit quietly.

7. Night's sleep the day before

Not the most unexpected, but it works. The sleepless night the night before leaves you with virtually no chance to stay awake productively. Unless, of course, you came from the future to save John Connor. Therefore, before a strategically important night, sleep hard.

8. Drink coffee or caffeinated beverages

Caffeine really suppresses sleepiness. However, there are nuances of coffee consumption depending on how you want to spend the morning. If you drink it too actively, there is a risk that you will be too cheerful even when it is time to go to bed. If you drink a little coffee, you can easily fall asleep when the caffeine leaves the bloodstream.

9. Eat spicy food

Instead of trying to pinch yourself to stay awake, outsource this activity. Eat a portion of sharp, burning food. It will irritate the mucosa in your mouth enough that you will forget about sleeping.

10. Lean on fast carbs

In a sleepless night, it is useful to use this property of fast carbohydrates, for which they are scolded by adherents of a healthy diet: they quickly break down to simple sugars and give a strong, although short-term burst of energy. So ignore the advice of grandmothers "do not eat sweets at night, otherwise, you will not fall asleep" and stock up on sweets.

Keep an eye on your fatigue level, as energy will leave your body just as quickly: as soon as you feel tired, it's time to take another bite from the chocolate bar.

11. Wash your face with cold water

Rinse your face and wrists. Coldwater is a kind of stress for the body, and therefore it will inevitably cheer up to eliminate the discomfort.

12. Chew gum

According to research, chewing will keep you awake. The brain receives a signal that food is on the way to the stomach, and does not allow the body to relax while waiting for a portion of energy. In General, you can chew anything, but chewing gum will be a longer-lasting option than eating.

13. Drink water

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, so listen carefully to the body's signals about thirst. The advice has an added bonus: have you ever tried to fall asleep with an overflowing bladder?

14. Squat

Physical activity is invigorating, and if you get up every hour and do 15 sit-UPS or push-UPS, it will significantly extend the period of wakefulness. But it is better to avoid jumping, although communicating with the police squad, which will be called by neighbors because of the noise, can cheer up better than any squats.

15. Occupy your head

For sure, there are tasks that make you forget about everything in the world. For some, this is a puzzle, for an others-a new level of computer game. If you choose a movie or game, it is better that they are new to you and you have to carefully follow the twists and turns of the plot.

16. Switch your attention

A sleepless night is a great time to practice multitasking. Switch between different tasks to avoid switching to automatic mode.