How to stop being late

How to stop being late

The habit of constantly being late prevents many people from living. Some people can't beat it for years and learn to arrive on time. Psychologists also say that you can learn this, the main thing is to want to devote time to it.

Before you start dealing with the problem, you should find out its causes. Psychologists say that there are three reasons why people are constantly late. First, some of us have problems with time management. The second reason is the problem in organizing your personal space and time. And the third reason is one of the three personality types that the "runner" belongs to.

How to stop being late

There are people-headliners who need to constantly get a supply of drive and adrenaline. That is why they often postpone important things for later, so as to eventually have time to do them at the last minute. Simply put, these people are constantly late to get the adrenaline and, therefore, pleasure from it.

There are other people that psychologists call producers. They try to schedule as many things as possible for one day. Most often, these people are perfectionists. As a result, they simply do not have time to physically cope with their busy schedule.

There is also a third type of people - "Laggards" - scattered professors. Such individuals have several cases at once. Not knowing where to start or what to grab, they simultaneously conduct different activities. As a result, they do not bring anything to the end, and if they do, they are very late with the deadlines.

So how do you overcome the habit of always being late and learn to arrive on time? There are several ways to start working on yourself.

How to stop being late

1. Move the clock forward a few minutes

This method really works, according to psychologists. However, it is usually valid only for the first two or three days. In the long run, it will not help to get rid of the habit of being late.

2. Set an alarm for each case

This method can also give a certain effect. However, psychologists advise: before you turn to it, think about whether this method will irritate you. Moreover, a person acting on an alarm clock turns into a real robot.

3. Get ready for the evening

This method, as in school, can give effect, but not all – say psychologists. If you go to bed late and don't keep track of your time management, it will most likely help you if you prepare your clothes for tomorrow and pack a bag before going to bed. However, again, according to psychologists, this method also does not work in the long term.

4. Apothecary gum

The good old Swedish way: wear an Apothecary's rubber band on your hand and every time you realize that you are late, pull it back and hit your hand. In this case, the elastic band should help you control yourself. The method is effective, but unpleasant.

The most effective method to stop being late once and for all, according to psychologists, is one – you just need to learn to love yourself and stop lying to yourself that you will be the first everywhere and in everything. And, in addition, follow the methods listed above 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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