Let's try to start small — get rid of some complexes that prevent us from living normally.


1. Pay in small change

There was a case in some American state. A farmer came to a car dealership to buy a new truck for his rural Affairs. He paid half the price, as is customary, with a credit card.

The second half, however, he dragged in a few visits to the cash register from the trunk: the old man had been saving coins for 20 years and eventually saved as much as half a car. This, of course, is too much, but our people go to the other extreme. Paying with small change is considered by many to be something shameful. As if they were afraid of being suspected of poverty.

2. Dress in casual

It's a pleasure to wander through the websites of agencies that post paparazzi shots. Here's johnny Depp heading out for lunch at a cafe in Santa Monica - in shorts and an elongated t-shirt. But Madonna went for a walk with another foster child in Chelsea — and she's wearing exactly the same jeans as your neighbor. In a word, mentally. Domestic celebrities are quite another matter. To go to the "ABC of taste" for arugula, without remeasuring half of the wardrobe before it, in order to choose a suitable outfit, is considered simply bad form.

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3. Use public transport

If in America people pay for trucks with small change, in England former Prime Ministers are caught for stowaway travel. This happened once to Tony Blair, who got caught on the Heathrow Express train. Can you imagine even the smallest and most former Russian official on the train? Believe me, he is not himself. Yes that there official — half of car owners rather will stand 4 hours in a traffic jam, than will use the subway.

4. Listen to pop music

"By the way, here's another word I can't stand! It is absolutely unknown what is hidden under it!"- said Professor Preobrazhensky about the term "counter-revolution". The same can be said about the vile word "pop". It is interesting that it is used to the place and out of place (as a rule-the second) like people whose taste preferences, to put it mildly, are far from perfect. Therefore, when such a person says about something "it's pop" - it most likely means that the thing is good.

5. Drinking alone

There is no sensation in the fact that people like to drink. The strange thing is the other. For example, getting together with guys and drinking two bottles of vodka per person is considered completely normal. At the same time, if you go to a bar after work and drink a couple of whiskies alone at the bar, it is better not to tell your colleagues about it — they will definitely start a rumor that you are an alcoholic. In other countries (where, however, bar culture has a long tradition) to come to the bar alone is considered normal. You can meet interesting people, you can chat with the bartender, you can finally just think about your own.

6. Use cheap mobiles

There was a time when it was considered the highest chic to come to a restaurant and casually lay out an expensive mobile phone on the table. Then, however, all mobile phones were expensive and guaranteed the owner close attention from others. The fact that so far many people continue to believe the same, otherwise as genetic memory can not be explained. Why does a person who has no money take a loan, just to buy the newest, most recent iPhone, half of the functions of which he will not use, which in two months he will get tired of, but the loan will not get tired for a long time.

7. Admit that you haven't read Ulysses»

Ulysses is a work by the Irish writer James Joyce. It is huge and difficult to read. But people are trying. Torment. They spend years of their lives doing it. Recently, on Facebook, one girl joyfully wrote: "Hooray! I finished reading Ulysses!"To which the other Madame languidly replied:" in the original, I Hope? The translation doesn't make sense." To prevent this monstrous dialogue from repeating itself, we advise you to calmly answer: "No, I haven't read it. I'm not going to." And let someone try to throw a stone at you.