What is the temperature on the moon?

Despite the fact that our satellite is at the same distance from the Sun as the Earth, the temperature on the Moon ranges from abnormally low to abnormally high.
Some scientists believe that the temperature regime on our satellite is the most extreme in the solar system

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The reason for the big drops

Since the atmosphere of the moon is extremely rarefied, the main influence on the surface temperature is exerted by the degree of its illumination. In the daytime, the atmosphere, scattering the sun's rays, does not allow strong heating, and at night it retains heat, protecting from overcooling.

What is the temperature on the moon?

Temperature Range

On the night side of the moon, the temperature drops to -173C, and on the side facing the sun, it can reach + 127C depending on the degree of illumination. The temperature of lunar rocks at a depth of 1 meter is constant and is -35C.
Minimum temperatures are observed near the satellite poles at the bottom of the craters. Since the inclination of the lunar axis to the ecliptic plane is only one and a half degrees, sunlight never reaches there. In the craters near the North Pole, the temperature is -249C, which is close to the absolute zero value.
During total solar eclipses, which last one and a half hours, the temperature during this period of time drops by 250-300C and then rises to the previous values ​​just as quickly.

How to measure

The temperature was measured using infrared sensors of automatic interplanetary stations, placed in a lunar orbit or landing on the surface of the satellite. Therefore, the measurement results have a high degree of accuracy.