Harm and benefits of coffee: how much you can drink to avoid harming yourself

Coffee lovers should not worry about their hobby, but it is important to remember the measure. Scientists explain why.


Scientists from the University of South Australia analyzed data from 347,077 patients aged 37 to 73 years. Among them were people with a specific gene SUR1A2, thanks to which caffeine in the body is metabolized faster. The study found that drinking six or more cups of coffee a day increases the risk of heart attack by 22% compared to a more moderate intake of up to two cups. At the same time, people with the above gene risk the same way, and they should not abuse coffee.

Increased levels of caffeine in the blood contribute to increased blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart problems. Many people know that if you abuse coffee, you can feel nervous excitement, shivering, and even nausea: caffeine helps the body work faster and more actively, but you have to pay for it.

Another interesting conclusion is that those who do not drink coffee at all or replace it with decaf are also at risk of heart problems (the risk is increased by 11% and 7% compared to those who use one or two cups): the fact that coffee is one of the significant sources of antioxidants.

Thus, experts allowed to drink coffee, but asked not to get carried away.

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