The scientists have found the mammal that lives highest in the mountains

Perhaps the most alpine creature from the class of mammals was discovered by scientists at the very top of the volcano Ljulyayljako (Argentina).

The mouse was a unique creation. She lives in very uncharacteristic conditions for such animals. The altitude of the area where the animal settled down is 6739 meters relative to sea level.

Scientists have found the highest mountain mammal

Some experts even compare the conditions on this mountain with the Martian ones, they are so severe. That is why biologists were so surprised by the ability of a small mouse to adapt to the climate on a volcanic peak. The temperature here averages around −15 degrees Celsius, and the air is significantly rarefied.

A group of climbers who climbed Ljulyayljako helped scientists find the mouse.

Biologists went to visit a unique mammal and spent several weeks on the volcano before they managed to catch a rodent. Now the animal is studied in more detail, including finding out the features of its diet.

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