How will your life change if you come up with 10 ideas every day

How will your life change if you come up with 10 ideas every day

If you develop this creative skill, you can come up with several solutions to any problem at once.

In 2012, I became interested in creative thinking and the principles of generating ideas. In the same year, James Altucher has published a blog post with a simple creative life hack is to come up with 10 ideas a day. 5 years after the publication, I met this post, read it, got into it, and changed my life.

Today I want to give you this life hack, so that you become bolder and more creative. It's simple.

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Why you should try it

You will say that the idea of coming up with more than one solution to a problem is not new. Sure. But how often do you do this? How many ideas did you come up with for the last task you worked with? How many ideas are there in your "idea Bank"?

Intuitively, we understand that many options are better than one. In practice, due to the peculiarities of human thinking (this is well written in Kahneman and Kurpatov), we almost never look for a set of solutions, content with the first, previously tested, familiar, template…

This is a losing model, but it can be changed.

How to change the thinking model

All you need to do is start coming up with 10 ideas a day on any topic and hold out for at least six months, as recommended by the author of the method.

You may have heard that a habit is formed in 21 days, but this is not quite true. There are three popular studies on the time of habit formation, one of which is fake.
The first was described by psychologist Jeremy Dean in his book, Breaking Habits. This was an experiment that looked at the rate at which amputees got used to their new conditions. 20 people participated, with an average of 21 days.

The second study is fake. This is a fictional experiment, allegedly conducted by the US National Aeronautics administration to study the habituation to lenses with an inverted projection. Here again, 20 people and the result in 21 days are mentioned. This is a fiction, there was no research, but the story was liked by people and became extremely popular.

The third study was conducted by a group of scientists from University College London in 2009. 96 people took part in the experiment. The goal is to determine how long it takes to form a healthy lifestyle (eating fruit, drinking juice, running for 15 minutes a day). The result is an average of 66 days (minimum-18, and maximum — 243 days).

So, to form a stable habit of coming up with 10 ideas a day, you may need from 18 to 243 days. The author of the method tested it on himself and offers to last 180 days. I've been writing down ideas for more than 300 days and I still don't know when I got used to it.

What you will get

  • First, you will have 300 or more new ideas every month, and you will write more than 3,000 in a year. 80% of the World's population does not have that many ideas in their entire life.
  • Second, you can come up with 10 ideas for each life or work situation right away. And where there are several ideas, there is a choice and a solution.
  • Third, over time, you will realize that 10 is not enough, and you will start to invent more, getting pleasure from it.
  • Fourth, you have no obligations to anyone! You can immediately throw away what you have recorded. Because the most important thing in this practice is to develop the skill and pump the "idea muscle".
  • But if you suddenly come up with a cool idea, you can try to develop it. It can bring you happiness, joy, and even money. And you only need to take one step to do this.

As the start

Here is what James Altucher:

When I come up with ideas, I divide the sheet into two columns. On the left I write down the ideas, and on the right — the first steps for implementing each of the ideas. Remember, you only need to record the first step. Because you have no idea where it will lead you.

I've refined this concept a bit:

  • Add one of the tags for each of your ideas: "now", "think", or "someday".
  • If your idea is just a wild fantasy and you realize that it is too early to implement it, write "someday" in front of it and put it in your "idea Bank". Over time, you will accumulate a large number of such ideas, and they will definitely serve you well. Sometimes you can take two random ideas labeled "someday" and cross them, writing 10 ideas based on them. You will be surprised at the result.
  • If there is something in the idea, write "think" in front of it and next time come up with 10 ideas that develop it.
  • All other ideas you have will fall into the "now". Take just one step to implement them, as James recommends. Write down what needs to be done and do it.

What ideas to come up with

You won't be able to write down "a million business ideas" every day, you'll just get bored. Therefore, make a clear system of categories at the very beginning.

You can try this:

  • On Monday, come up with ideas about recreation, on Tuesday - about money, on Wednesday - about family, on Thursday-about work, and so on.
  • Take any arbitrary topic, such as interesting or high-profile news, and develop it into 10 ideas.
  • Watch the tasks of the "10 ideas a day" challenge that goes on Instagram without stopping for more than 300 days, and complete them.

When preparing this post, I decided that it would be fair to share with you a few ideas that came from this habit. I have been practicing "10 ideas a day" since April 1, 2018. I always come up with my own tasks. And two or three times a month I sit down and write "10 ideas of tasks for the challenge "10 ideas a day".

  • "Media capsule" is a project concept for small soundproof capsules for short meditations. Capsules are installed in business and shopping centers that are visited by a large number of people. On the way to work or from work, a person has the opportunity to spend 5-10 minutes in complete silence, think, calm down and tune in the way he needs. The idea was born when I was writing down answers for"10 ideas about silence in the city".
  • TED cafe — a small cozy cafe for inspiration, were during working hours on a large screen show non-stop the best speeches from the TED conference. You can only talk in the cafe when making an order. The idea was born when I was writing down answers for"10 places I miss in Moscow".
  • Instagram places development Agency for the offline business-the the idea of creating a full-fledged business that uses The trend of Instagram's frenzied popularity. People see something beautiful and stylish that is worth capturing, take a photo and upload it to the social network. Ideally, if they do it with your tag or logo. The idea was born when I was writing down answers for the task "10 unusual ways to use social networks".

What to do if it doesn't work or you don't want to

If you can't write down 10 ideas, you need to come up with 20. I haven't figured out how this trick works yet, but it really works.

If you don't want to write, come up with an alternative: draw something, take 10 photos, dictate 10 rhyming lines-do 10 things that are United in meaning. That's what counts. Because the most important thing in this practice is to develop the skill.

Is it really that simple

Simple, but not simple. In the first week and a half you will be very interesting, then come the week of "losing the fuse" — this is the most difficult time, and you need to find motivation. The best motivation is social participation and approval. Show what you think up and see what others think up. It's great to start coming up with 10 ideas in a separate chat with your friends.

At one time, I followed what entrepreneur Igor Rybakov writes on his Instagram. I really liked a parable that he once published. Here it is:

All people are "doors" through which ideas come to the world. But there is the main rule: these ideas should be shared. The one who tries to hide the ideas that have come from others, from the world, tries to make them "his" - the ideas are scared and do not come to him anymore.

I want you to be the coolest door through which the best ideas come to our world. Come up with ideas, share them and be happy.