7 facts that are not accepted to tell passengers of planes

7 facts that are not accepted to tell passengers of planes

Several features of the regulations for the flight crew were identified when analyzing the responses of professional pilots to passengers who ask them various questions on the Quora site


Pilots eat food specially prepared for them, not the food given to passengers. For pilots, a special diet is provided, excluding, in particular, difficult-to-digest products — waterfowl meat, legumes, cabbage. Try to avoid dishes made from minced meat: they are more likely than, for example, in fillets, there may be dangerous bacteria.

Black box

The so-called black box is really impossible to destroy, despite the fact that many films demonstrate how the black box is destroyed by extreme pressure or fire.

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The capture and deportation

Pilots can transmit information about the hijacking and hijacking of the aircraft at the landing site without special means — they just do not remove the flaps after landing to let the dispatcher on the runway know that something is wrong on Board.

Oxygen mask

Each passenger has only 15-30 seconds to put on an oxygen mask if necessary. If the tightness of the cabin is broken at high altitude, after this time, those who did not have time to put on a mask, lose consciousness (which can later lead to death).


At major airports, planes take off and land on average once a minute, so there is usually no landing space on the runway until the very last moment.


Most accidents occur during takeoff and landing, not in the air. And turbulence should not be feared since it actually has little effect on the flight. As for the use of electronic devices, there is no evidence that they hinder the work of the crew.

Seat belt

Passengers sometimes find themselves wearing seat belts for longer than necessary — pilots simply forget to turn off the light Board, thus notifying them of the possibility to unfasten their seat belts.