7 ways to avoid germs during a flight

According to statistics, on average, every fifth passenger is ill or ill after the flight. Before you start blaming your neighbor for the disease, you should know that simply inhaling one air is not the most important cause of infection with any virus.

7 ways to avoid germs during a flight

Wipe the surfaces you touch

Microbes can live on Board an airplane for about seven days. Although they live longer on porous surfaces than on flat and smooth ones, places like the armrest can be an ideal place to spread them. There are other "danger zones" to keep in mind, including tables, curtains, and airline magazines. Also, avoid touching the pocket on the seat back during the entire flight, as it often serves to store used napkins, leftover food, or even baby diapers. Use wet antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Drink plenty of water, but avoid drinking water served on planes

Because the humidity on the plane is much lower, travelers can quickly get dehydrated.

However, the purity of the water supplied on Board has caused a lot of controversy in recent years. Even though drinking water tanks are being cleaned, no one really knows when or how often this happens. This applies to both cold water and hot drinks such as tea or coffee.

Take the bottle with you to the airport and fill it with water after inspection.

7 ways to avoid germs during a flight

Apply a cloth mask to your face

The mask is a simple and effective way to avoid contamination of the skin. Do not touch your face frequently, including your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Be careful with the issued pillows and blankets

In an ideal world, pillows and blankets provided by an airline should be washed and cleaned of germs before each flight. However, the crew simply does not have time for this between flights.

7 ways to avoid germs during a flight

Avoid alcohol

Of course, it is difficult to refuse free alcoholic beverages on Board. In addition, alcohol helps many people relax and fall asleep faster. However, it also contributes to faster dehydration, so it is better to give it up.

Choose the right places

Avoid places that are close to toilets. In addition to the fact that the toilet itself is a source of germs, there will always be people standing in line around you, and some of them may be sick.

Many airlines offer self-service online check-in and seat selection. Remember that in most cases, the choice of seats is a paid service.

Eat the right food

Avoid salty, sweet, or fatty foods and choose healthier alternatives, such as nuts or foods that help you make up for your fluid loss.

Start taking vitamins or nutritional supplements a few days before your flight to strengthen your immune system.

7 ways to avoid germs during a flight

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