6 creatures who “stole” someone else’s appearance

Panda ant

Although these black and white insects are part of a group called velvet ants, such “pandas” actually refer to Chilean wasps. With a fluffy black and white body, a white head and eyes with black rings, the similarity of a panda ant with a cult Chinese bear is striking.

6 creatures who “stole” someone else’s appearance

Males that have wings look much larger than we expect from wasps, and they have no sting. This is because the stings of females are modified ovipositories that males do not have, says Justin Schmidt, an entomologist at the University of Arizona and author of Wildlife Bite.

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Caterpillar like a snake

Larvae of the hawk moth drive away predators, posing as deadly pit vipers. When they are threatened, caterpillars can drag their legs and expand the front segments of the body to quickly turn from a modest booger into a scary snake.

6 creatures who “stole” someone else’s appearance

Alligator beetle

The alligator beetle has a large hollow structure on top of the head that looks like eyes on an elongated jaw. To a predator, for example, a bird, this mask may seem like a reptile.

6 creatures who “stole” someone else’s appearance

In addition to masking the “face,” the beetle opens its wings to reveal spots that make it look like a much larger animal than it really is. When this does not work, it remains only to start a terrible stench, which will repulse the appetite of the most evil predator as well.

A fly like a bee

It evolved to look like a bumblebee, because this insect is very rarely offended in the wild.

6 creatures who “stole” someone else’s appearance

The bee-fur “jacket” also helps the females to penetrate the nests of burrowing bees. There, a fly lays eggs in a nest from an ovipositor at the end of its abdomen. According to experts, it is like playing tennis “with the accuracy that Serena Williams could be proud of.”

Leopard crab

The leopard crab, also known as chintz crab, has leopard-like spots. And the goal of this coloring is the same - combat.

6 creatures who “stole” someone else’s appearance

If something monochrome moves against a multi-color background, it will stand out. But a multi-colored uniform, moving against a multi-colored background, works better for disguise.

The spotted leopard crab, which usually remains partially buried in the sand, is less visible to the predator on the seabed than a simple crab.

Hercules Beetle

No wonder these powerful horned insects are known as the Hercules Beetle. Some species are capable of lifting 850 times their own weight.

6 creatures who “stole” someone else’s appearance

Being one of the most powerful creatures on Earth, he has a good reason to wear a hat with a clawed claw like a crab. Such a formation developed in accordance with the style of battle that the beetle developed during evolution. Struggling for the females, he grabs the opponent with his gun by the head and lifts him into the air.